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Let’s talk dirty

November 17, 2011


Just when you thought you had heard it all, along comes World Toilet Day, celebrated annually by the World Toilet Organisation on the 19th November. But why would something as dirty as The Toilet need its own organisation AND day? The answer: 2.5 BILLION people around the world do not have somewhere safe, private or […]

Genetics or simply too fat?

November 15, 2011


A and I missed World Diabetes Day (annually celebrated on the 14th November i.e. YESTERDAY!) and we are extremely sorry as Diabetes is a serious emerging health issue in many developing countries. But seriously: What the hell is with Diabetes Week being held in JULY?? and Diabetes Day being celebrated in NOVEMBER? Get your act […]

Long lines and more traffic as world population reaches 7 billion

November 7, 2011


On Monday October 21st, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) announced that the world’s population would reach a stunning seven billion people on the 31st October [1]. Now, you may be asking yourself “how do they know that the seven billionth person will be born on the 31st of October?” Well, the answer is that […]