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GUEST POST: A day in life of Health Professional in Nepal

May 22, 2012


Ever complained about the traffic on your way to work? How would you like to trek to work instead?! Nepal is full of amazing and dedicated health workers! *********** Namaste! I am a public health professional and I work for an NGO coordinating Maternal and Child Health Programs in one of Nepal’s 75 districts. For […]

Cooking shouldn’t kill

November 12, 2011


As the lovely Miss A pointed out in her blog “World Pneumonia Day: Where is Australia”, Today is World Pneumonia Day (12th November). Pneumonia is a respiratory illness and the chances of contracting it are increased with exposure to ‘indoor pollutants’. These ‘indoor pollutants’ are released every day in households across the developing world that […]

Condom Couture!

November 10, 2011


Since House of Cards is all about innovative and creative ways of raising awareness, I thought I’d share with you one of my favourite health promotion projects, “Dress Up Against AIDS: Condom Couture”. In this venture, Brazilian fashion designer Adriana Bertini uses quality-test-rejected condoms to create dresses. Bertini, inspired by her volunteer work with an […]

World Pneumonia Day- Where is Australia?

November 8, 2011


This Saturday, 12 November 2011 marks the third annual World Pneumonia Day. Pneumonia is the leading cause of childhood mortality worldwide, accounting for an estimated 2 million deaths each year in children under 5 years of age.[1] In fact, pneumonia claims more lives than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. The good news is that pneumonia […]