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Solar Suitcases: Light to Save Lives

March 6, 2012


In conjunction with International Women’s Day each year, Women Deliver celebrates the progress made on behalf of women worldwide.  This year the ‘Women Deliver 50’ list will promote 50 organizations with the most inspiring ideas and solutions that deliver for girls and women.  Among 25 nominated projects in the Health Interventions category is WE CARE […]

‘Digital Revolution’ to End Sahel Food Crisis

February 24, 2012


The United Nations has warned of a new food crisis affecting millions of people in the Sahel region of West Africa.  As a result of the erratic and late rainy season in 2011, drought has returned to the region, bringing hunger to millions.  The increasing frequency of droughts since 2010 has given communities in the […]

Malaria: Twice as many deaths

February 8, 2012


New research from the University of Washington has found that worldwide malaria deaths may be twice as high as previously estimated. The study, published in The Lancet last week, reported that malaria was the underlying cause of death for 1.24 million people in 2010. [1] This is in contrast to the World Health Organization’s estimate […]

Westernization and Eating Disorders Globally

January 20, 2012


Despite being a leading cause of death and disability worldwide, mental health is often neglected as a global health issue.  My friend Vivienne (a post-graduate psychology student with a research interest in eating disorders) recently told me about an interesting study that examined the impact of television on adolescent girls’ identity and body image in […]

Side Boob to Save the World

December 13, 2011


Earlier this week, the biennial UNICEF Ball brought together prominent philanthropists, celebrities and community leaders to honour those who have made significant contributions to ‘saving and improving the lives of children worldwide’.  The first headline I read about this event was “Diane Kruger Flashes Some Side Boob at UNICEF Ball”.  Admittedly, I read this on […]

Naff? No thanks!

December 2, 2011


I went shopping for a Secret Santa gift yesterday and all I could find was naff, naff and more naff!  ‘Naff’, for those of you who don’t know, refers to something that is rubbish and pointless, like the gifts you would find here.  Yes, of course I need a belly button brush… This Christmas, Say […]

FACT #3: HIV Causes AIDS

November 29, 2011


It came to my attention (via a friend’s Facebook status) that the Foo Fighters played in Perth last night.  While I admit to having a crush on Dave Grohl at the age of 12, I can’t say I’m a fan of their music anymore.  Even worse than their music is their outrageous claim that HIV […]