Hello world and welcome to our blog, House of Cards! We are Tania and Alicia, two (child health) PhD students from Perth, Western Australia. Despite living in the most isolated city in the world, we are both incredibly passionate about global issues such as poverty and health, war and conflict, child labour and development.

The idea of creating this blog developed because we noticed the decreasing number of ‘likes’ to our increasing number of facebook posts and updates on said issues. So, we decided that instead of barraging our so called ‘friends’ with our bleeding hearts, we would jump on the blog bandwagon!

‘House of Cards’ is an expression meaning ‘a structure, situation or institution that is insubstantial, shaky or in danger of collapse’- which we thought was a rather fitting metaphor for the developing world and various global issues. (Hence the name of our blog, for those of you who were wondering). House of Cards (disambiguation) is also Alicia’s favourite Radiohead song.

We have grand plans to save the world and hope to use art and culture as tools for raising awareness about global issues. We promise to keep bleeding hearts to a minimum and use this blog to raise awareness and promote our future projects/ventures. So stick around, because this blog will get interesting…eventually!

A little more about us…

Tania was born in Central America, arriving in Australia at the age of 10. Being born into a coffee-growing family, she was introduced to coffee at the age of 4. Tania’s own research suggests that this early introduction to caffeine is the cause for her short stature/stunted growth. Tania also has a mole near her mouth that people always think is a piece of melted chocolate. Her pet hate is the Mexican song about a mole near a girl’s mouth (Cielito Lindo), but she also dislikes people who litter. Tania’s PhD is on healthcare provision for urban slum communities in South East Asia.

Alicia wishes she was born in Central America and had a beauty mole. Nonetheless, she usually has a piece of melted chocolate near her mouth. When not dreaming of travelling the world, drinking gin and tonic or dancing to Kelis, she spends time on her PhD, investigating respiratory infections in African children. She hopes to one day speak fluent Spanish and marry into a coffee-growing family (in other words, be Tania!).  Today, her pet hate is mosquitoes but on any given day, she dislikes non-feminists.

We hope you enjoy (or at least consider) our point of view and let us know what you think…we would love to hear your opinions and ideas!

Tania and Alicia

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