The F-Bomb

Posted on December 15, 2011


So – just to let you all know, most of the hits that our blog gets are from random people googling “condom” and thanks to Alicia’s blog on Condom Couture, we are assured at least 4 hits per day! Because we are interested in “hits” – we thought we would continue with the racy headlines!

Anyway, moving right along, while we are on the topic of celebrity philanthropy, a few months ago, Annie Lennox,  Bono, George Clooney etc etc jumped behind ONE’s Hungry No More campaign by starring in a minute-long film, called The F Word: Famine is the Real Obscenity.

Not taking anything away from the famine crisis in Africa, but what about F for the floods in Pakistan?

When flooding hit the province of Sindh in Southern Pakistan in August of this year, the country was still recovering from severe flooding in 2010 – in which 10 years worth of rain fell in just three weeks. The floods have overwhelmed the country, with heavy monsoon rains damaging or destroying not only essential medical, transport and water and sanitation infrastructure, but also crops and food stocks while displacing thousands of families.

Wading floodwaters in Pakistan (courtesy of National Geographic)

As of November 2011 in the province on Sindh [1, 2]:

  • 4.3 million people are food-insecure, with 2.2 million people considered severely food-insecure
  • 57% of affected villages are still flooded
  • 46% of the health facilities were damaged.
  • 60% of the schools were damaged.
  • The displacement of families and the destruction or closure of schools means education has abruptly ended for over 733,000 children.

Yet, funding to this disaster remains extremely sluggish with the international community unable to meet the UN’s $357m appeal, falling short by 73% . This means that aid agencies may be forced to close Pakistan flood relief programmes because they have not raised enough money to continue their work.

Definitely “Say no to naff” this year.

On a directly related, but completely different topic, the picture below (which i am sure everyone has seen) shows trees lining the edges of a submerged farm field in the District of Sindh, where the floods drove millions of spiders and possibly other insects into the trees to spin their web.

Pakistan floods drive spiders into trees (courtesy of National Geographic)

Here is a collection of photos by National Geographic on the phenomenon.

Remember: Say no to Naff this Christmas!



[1] OCHA (2011). Pakistan Monsoon.

[2] UNICEF Pakistan Update (2011).Floods: Needs and Response.