Cooking shouldn’t kill

Posted on November 12, 2011


As the lovely Miss A pointed out in her blog “World Pneumonia Day: Where is Australia”, Today is World Pneumonia Day (12th November).

Pneumonia is a respiratory illness and the chances of contracting it are increased with exposure to ‘indoor pollutants’. These ‘indoor pollutants’ are released every day in households across the developing world that rely on traditional cooking methods such as open fires and wood fired cookstoves.

Mother in Guatemala using traditional cooking methods to prepare meals. 43% of the world’s population rely on open fires and wood fired cookstoves as their primary source of cooking and heating.

Cooking shouldn’t kill, but the sad reality is that it does, and a disproportionate amount of the victims are women and children living in developing countries.

Pneumonia kills about 1.4 million young children annually.

That’s  4,200 children each day.

That’s One child every 20 seconds.

Although vaccines and antibiotics are helping to reduce the number of pneumonia-related deaths, something as simple as adopting cleaner cooking technologies may also help the fight against pneumonia.

Here are some other ways to prevent pneumonia:

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